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National Campaign Against Antisemitism Expands to Orlando

Orlando antisemitism campaignJewBelong, a nonprofit resource dedicated to fighting antisemitism, announced the expansion of their signature marketing campaign in cities including Orlando, Las Vegas, Los Angeles. The 8-week campaign, which launched on November 29th as part of a larger initiative to educate the greater public on combating antisemitism globally, includes the unveiling of their iconic billboards and coinciding with a digital campaign. The billboard space was generously donated by Mark Becker, founder of Becker Boards based in Phoenix, Arizona and represents 20th Century Fox, AT&T, Disney and more.

“Antisemitism is the biggest single threat to today’s already shrinking Jewish community, which is why JewBelong continuously strives to make a meaningful difference in the overall landscape of Jewish America,” said Archie Gottesman, co-founder of JewBelong. “We are so thrilled to be working with Becker Boards for the opportunity to continue to amplify our messages throughout the US and spread awareness of this critical issue we are facing today.”

The antisemitism campaign, including in Orlando, will showcase five different creatives intended to spur a dialogue around Judaism via provocative and sometimes controversial tag-lines which include:

For over five years, JewBelong has consistently sparked conversations around Judaism and antisemitism through their unique marketing techniques. In 2019, JewBelong’s Co-founders, Archie Gottesman and Stacy Stuart, also known as the marketing duo behind Manhattan Mini Storage’s iconic branding, decided to utilize their 26 years of experience in the outdoor space by creating hot pink billboards to spread awareness and fight antisemitism across the United States, having made appearances in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, Washington DC and San Francisco.

JewBelong’s ongoing efforts to promote inclusion and rebrand the ideas around Judaism aims to welcome people of all backgrounds and show them the joys, meaning and connections Judaism has to offer. JewBelong’s website collects, curates and creates  inclusive and easy-to-understand resources on Jewish traditions and holidays and provides its followers with accessible learning tools to better understand the world of Judaism, including three virtual events for the Jewbelong community to celebrate the holidays together.

“I am thrilled to continue our efforts on bringing awareness of antisemitism to larger audiences through our unique billboard campaign,” said Gottesman. “Community is very important to the JewBelong family and we will continue to welcome everyone across the nation into our arms.”

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