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Mobile Field Kitchen Roundup

Field  kitchens will ensure emergency repsonders are properly fed during disasters.

Mobile Kitchen Round-up will provide training and experience for critical incident cooks and food service personnel.

WHAT: Mobile Field Kitchen Roundup

WHEN: This will be a two-day event – On Monday, April 26 U.S. Food Service Inc. will provide training to multi-agency cooks in food safety and handling.  The training is open to all Central Florida law enforcement agencies, emergency management personnel, and firefighters.  Training begins at 10:00 AM

On Tuesday, April 27 mobile kitchens from the Orange County and Seminole County Sheriff’s Office will compete in a cook-off by preparing meals for approximately 100 people, simulating a typical disaster response, mass feeding operation.  Cooking begins at 9:00 AM, judging will take place at 12:30 PM.

WHERE: Central Florida Fairgrounds – 4603 West Colonial Drive

WHO: Orange and Seminole County Sheriff’s Offices’ will go head to head in the cook off competition and serve meals to area emergency managers and critical incident responders.  Local attorney, Dan Newlin, Restaurant Equipment World, Inc., and Safariland, a law enforcement equipment supply company, have donated funds for the purchase of food and supplies for this training.  Orlando Sentinel food critic Heather McPherson will assist with the judging of the cook off.

ETC: The training/cook off is designed to bring disaster responders together for education and the opportunity to test the effectiveness of the mobile kitchens that would provide nourishment for emergency responders who work virtually seven days a week, 24-hours a day during a major disaster response and the communities affected by such an event.   All food remaining after the event will be taken to the Women’s Residential Counseling Center.  With our tropical storm looming, this would make a great pre-hurricane season preparation story.  We hope you will take time to attend.

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