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Michael Hamilton, jr. 8 years old, a member of the Pain Care Racing Team stunned the crowd again while competing in the 2007 BMX State Championship Qualifiers Race 3 & 4 held at Barnett Park in Orlando recently.

Michael came in 1st Place in all 3 races for the 3rd qualifier and then came back to compete in the 4th qualifier, which he came in 1st Place for 2 Mottos and in the Semi Race he placed 2nd, and for the main race he placed 1st again.

Michael will now compete in State Qualifiers 5 & 6 to be held in Gainesville, Florida on February 17-18 to qualify him for the 2007 State Championship Race.

His mother, Linda Jackson, who works with the Metropolitan Orlando Urban League says, “His victory was the most exciting moment I’ve ever experienced. I am so very proud that he is doing so well.”

Michael’s aunt, Brenda Jackson and Michael’s teacher Mr. Schulti from Pinewood Elementary both surprised Michael by attending this race.

Michael’s friends and teammates Cody Wright and Kaleb Buchhold who introduced Michael to racing, also competed in this State Qualifier.

Keep up the good work Michael we’re all very proud of you.

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