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Mi Vecino Endorses in Florida House District 35 Special Election

In a decisive show of support, Mi Vecino has endorsed Marucci Guzmán for Florida House District 35 in the upcoming special election. The nonprofit is focused on empowering Hispanic, multicultural and first time voters, and said the endorsement decision comes after direct engagement with over 63,000 voters in the district, revealing a tangible appetite for change and representation attuned to the community’s needs.

Democrats are trying to flip the Florida House district, which includes parts of Orange County and Osceola County. Three Democrats and three Republicans have qualified to run in the special election.

As a year-round direct voter contact organization focused on Hispanic voters in Florida, Mi Vecino advocates for the needs of Florida’s diverse residents and they said that aligns with Guzmán’s dedicated track record of working to empower Central Florida’s communities. “Marucci stands out as a formidable force who will passionately represent all members of the community, particularly taking on the challenges faced by Latinos,” the group said in an endorsement announcement.

“In my days as a boxer, I learned that real fights are won in the gym with hard work, commitment, and preparation,” said Alejandro (Alex) Berrios, co-founder of Mi Vecino. “Marucci embodies this spirit, working hard to prepare for the fights ahead. She is a champion for all people in this district, ready to advocate for them tirelessly, both in and outside the legislature.”

The group added that Marucci Guzmán’s two-decade-long commitment to “advancing democratic principles,” her relentless drive to bridge societal gaps and ensure equality, and her “unwavering support for Central Florida families,” make her the standout candidate in the special election.

“This is about taking a step closer to rebalancing the scales, challenging the status quo, and ensuring that genuine voices of change like Marucci’s resonate in the corridors of Tallahassee,” the group said.

“I have dedicated my professional career to helping improve the economic status, educational opportunities, health outcomes, and political power of the Latino community in Central Florida,” said Marucci Guzmán, a Democrat, who qualified for the ballot in record time. “Mi Vecino’s endorsement is a ‘seal of approval’ from an organization who is dedicated to giving a voice to our disenfranchised community through the ballot box. I am excited to join forces alongside Mi Vecino to flip House District 35 and provide the voters the representation they deserve.”

Mi Vecino urges every voter in Florida House District 35 to cast their vote for Marucci Guzmán, who they call “a leader truly by the people, for the people.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called for a special election for Florida House District 35 after the vacancy was caused by the resignation of Republican State Representative Fred Hawkins. The special primary election will be November 7, 2023 and the special election will be held on January 16, 2024 to select the next State Representative for House District 35.

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