Lydia Goes to a Magic Game

orlando-magic-photograph-c12270855by Lydia Daniel

December 5th, 2008 was quite an experience for the two new reporters representing  West Orlando News.   We picked up our credentials and was ushered to section 119 where the other reporters sat.  The game started promptly at 7. P.M. We stood up for the opening ceremony, which was quite funny for us.  The space where we stood between the floor and the ceiling was about 5 feet ten inches high, Kevyn Robertson is 6 feet two inches.  Kevyn had to stand with his head bend over during that process.
Very funny.   We were treated with respect from every one.

The game ended with Orlando Magic winning the game 98 to 89 points. Howard from the Orlando Magic was terrific.  He scored the highest
points 21 with 23 rebounds.


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