Local Music Spotlight: John David Williams

John D. Williams
John D. Williams

A few nights ago I was at the Wooded Keg, a great craft-beer pub in downtown Sanford where one can drink beer out of mason jars. I go there because a) the atmosphere is awesome b) mason jars and c) the live music is fantastic. It’s almost always something I would pay for.

This particular night, I saw who just might be the single best local musician to hit the local scene in years: John Williams. He was a young guy, alone on the stage with a guitar, sending chills through the bar with the clearest and most effortless voice in town. If you’re looking for soulful Indie Rock that works its way into Grunge, John Williams is the one to see. Blending musical diversity into soulful rhapsody, join me if you want to hear Motown one minute and Alternative Rock the next. In simple words, John delivers. Seeking release in the form of Acoustic Rap? He’s got that, too.

Accepting requests from the audience, rivaling each song’s original version, John Williams displays the chasm between art and skill few achieve. By the time he said goodnight, he performed over 30 breathtaking songs without taking a break. With a catalogue of cover songs spanning decades and genres as well as originals that could be instant classics, John gives the distinct impression he won’t be local for long.

If you haven’t seen John Williams play, do yourself a favor. First, check out the link below. This is one of his original songs called “Under the Lights.” You won’t regret it. Second, come down to The Vine of Sanford this Saturday night, October 5th, at 8:30 and see him live.

If you’ve never been to The Vine before, you’re in for a double treat. They have a great wine selection and when you throw in appealing wine-based shot specials for $3 and under, the night will quickly become a tradition. This cozy little wine bar literally sells the artwork off the walls, and has such a fun and easygoing vibe you won’t want to leave. Especially if John is playing.

Supporting Local Music, I Am

Rikki Payne,
West Orlando News Online Career and Event Columnist 

Watch the video for “Under the Lights” by John D. Williams:

The Vine of Sanford
307 E 1st Street
Sanford, FL 32771

See you this Saturday, October 5th at 8:30 PM


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