Legislation Introduced to Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals

cosmetic testing animalsKissimmee State Representative Kristen Arrington has introduced legislation to ban cosmetic testing on animals in Florida. The companion legislation, cited as the “Humane Cosmetics Act,” was filed by Senate Democratic Leader Lauren Book.

“This bill will put an end to cruel and unnecessary testing of cosmetics on animals,” Representative Arrington said. “There are proven alternative testing methods that do not involve testing on live animals. This legislation will help prevent needless suffering and save the lives of countless animals.”

“No animal should have a cosmetic product shoved down their throats, slathered on their skin, or forced in their eyes when there are cruelty-free alternatives,”
Leader Book said. “The federal government does not require animal testing for cosmetics and toiletries and it’s time that Florida joined with this common-sense solution to suffering.

The bills prohibit manufacturers from manufacturing, importing for profit, selling, or offering for sale a cosmetic developed or manufactured using cosmetic animal testing conducted or contracted by certain persons or from conducting or contracting for cosmetic animal testing.

The legislation which would ban cosmetic testing on animals can be found here: HB 1279 and SB 1718.


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