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Last Call for City of Orlando 2023 Black History Month Art Display

Do you want to participate in the City of Orlando’s 2023 Black History Month Art Display? There’s still time, but your art must be submitted by Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

The City of Orlando is seeking local visual artists to display their artwork to celebrate Black History Month in the Terrace Gallery at Orlando City Hall from Friday, February 3rd to Sunday, April 30th.

“Art is an intrinsic part of Black heritage and culture, and the city is offering an opportunity for artists to showcase the diverse richness of African American history and heritage through the visual arts,” the City of Orlando posted.

Interested artists can submit the artist biography or resume, photos of a minimum of five pieces of artwork, and descriptions about each artwork to the City of Orlando Office of Multicultural Affairs contact found here. Artwork related to African American culture and experience is recommended.

Each submission must be labeled with the name of artist, art title, the year created, measurements and medium. The city will review submissions for appropriateness, communication, and performance. All 2-D art must be “wall ready,” with D rings or wire.

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