In-Home Care Services Cut for some Disabled Floridians

By: Whitney Ray


Seven-thousand-five hundred disabled Floridians will have their in-home services scaled back this week due to state budget cuts. More than half of the people losing services are challenging the state’s decision to cut back their funding. Some say cutting in-home services will actually increase the cost to the state. Deborah Linton, the Executive Director of the Florida Association of Retarded Citizens said people who have their services scaled back may have to turn to other state funded treatment options.

“It costs a great deal more to put someone in ICF or an institution than it does to give them these services at home. What we try to do in the wavier program that we’re are talking about that are getting these cuts, is support families in supporting their family members so it’s much more cost efficient for the taxpayer,” said Linton.

Those not challenging the decision will see a loss of services this week. For the 4,550 people who did file a timely challenge, there is at least a 90 day reprieve while the state sorts out who will be getting what.


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