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Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility Opens in Orange County

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings and District 1 Commissioner Nicole Wilson officially opened the Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility. The Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility will serve approximately 40,000 county residents in southwest Orange County with the potential to expand as the community grows.

Wharton-Smith provided general contracting services at the Hamlin Water Reclamation Facility for the Orange County Board of Commissioners. This new 5.0 MGD facility includes all systems such as a preliminary treatment structure with screening, grit, and odor control; activated sludge treatment train with BNR process and diffused aeration; process air blower system and building; secondary clarifiers and clarifier splitter box; plant pump stations; tertiary filters; chlorine contact tank; chemical feed and storage systems; sludge holding tanks, gravity belt thickener equipment, a 5 million gallon ground storage tank, and a variety of pumps (NRCY, Scum, RAS, WAS, VT Transfer, VT HSP).

Also included in this project is 3,600 linear feet of 36” diameter off-site force main and an off-site, $8 million master pump station complete with a CIP wet well, electrical building, and odor control system.

Orange County’s new water reclamation facility is the first in more than 30 years. Local officials said the opening of this facility marks Orange County’s continued commitment to providing essential wastewater treatment services while protecting local precious natural resources.

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