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Greater Orlando in Top 20 Best-Prepared Metros for Electric Vehicles

Many believe we are in the middle of one of the biggest revolutions in motoring, with electric vehicles rapidly gaining significant ground. Supporters say sustainability and cost-effectiveness in the long run are two of the many perks that make them the best bet for car owners in the future. However, not all metro areas are created equal, with some of them being more geared towards EV adoption than others.

This has been a focus of the City of Orlando and Chris Castro, the city’s Director of Sustainability and Resilience. Castro has worked on “EV Readiness” plans at the city level and is working to make Orlando one of the top EV-ready cities in America. As Orlando works toward a zero-carbon economy, the City will be working to transition 100% of the fleet vehicles to electric and alternative fuel by 2030.

According to a new report, Greater Orlando stands out as the 19th best metropolitan area in which to own an electric car. In order to identify the best-equipped metro areas for EVs, the researchers at StorageCafe compared the US’s 100 largest metropolitan areas. The analysis was based on 14 key metrics, including the number of registered electric vehicles, EV infrastructure, the cost of an eGallon, and others listed in the report.

Some key findings about the Orlando metropolitan area in the report include:

  • Greater Orlando ranks 27th in the US for its number of electric cars (over 9,900 vehicles).
  • Orlando ranks as the 7th best-equipped metro for its EV infrastructure, with about 0.5 charging stations per 1,000 households and a cost of electricity of $1.0/eGallon.
  • The Orlando metropolitan area is also the 19th most EV-friendly place for renters – about 4.9% of units in apartment buildings (10,100+ units) provide their residents with access to EV charging stations.
  • Greater Orlando also ranks as the 3rd most environmentally-friendly metro area in the US, with 42% of the public transit running on clean fuel and 9.8% of its residents carpooling to work.

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