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Governor DeSantis Urges Swift Action on Pressing State Needs in Special Session

Governor Ron DeSantis previously applauded and urged swift action in a Special Session of the Florida Legislature to address urgent issues facing the state. The Special Session convened on Monday, November 6th, and will extend no later than 11:59pm on Thursday, November 9th.

The Special Session will feature Republican Governor DeSantis’ proposal to strengthen sanctions on Iran to ensure Florida does not do business with companies aligned with Iran that could in turn fund Hamas and other terrorist groups. The Special Session will also include additional resources for Hurricane Idalia relief, lowering the costs of homeowners’ insurance, increasing access to school choice for students with unique abilities, and additional protections for Florida’s Jewish communities.

“Following the horrific atrocities committed by Iranian-backed terrorist group Hamas against Israel, I am calling on the Florida Legislature to act swiftly to ensure our state does not send a penny to the Iranian terror state,” said Governor Ron DeSantis when the special session was called. “I am glad to see the Legislature’s willingness to convene and address this along with other important issues for the state.”

During this Special Session, Governor DeSantis is asking the Florida Legislature to increase sanctions against the Iranian regime by broadening the industries on Florida’s scrutinized companies list and strengthening Florida’s prohibitions against investing in companies which are doing business with states that sponsor terror. Florida must not be complicit in funding state-sponsored terrorism against America’s great ally, Israel.

Meanwhile, Florida House Democrats attempted to expand the Special Session to focus on Florida and address more problems facing Floridians every day, but the Republican majority rejected those proposals.

Find the proclamation calling for a Special Session here:


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  1. Governor Do nothin. Or Governor Headline Seeker should hang it up. Thanks to his sokled cronies he didnt have to resign to steal our money to run for another office he is no way qualified for.


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