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Gotha Middle in Windermere Reminds Us What End of School Year Should Be

VIDEO: Permission for use given by Gotha Middle School Principal Monica Emery (OCPS).

From school shootings to political fights over education to pandemic protocols, it’s been another tough year for students, parents, teachers, and the whole community. The devastating tragedy at Robb Elementary this week broke hearts nationwide and stained the traditional end of the school year celebrations. But Gotha Middle School in Windermere came together for their annual lipdub video to remind us what the end of the school year should be.

As Orange County Public Schools said, the video “gives us 17 minutes of pure joy to close out this challenging school year.” After the week the nation has been through, everyone could use a smile and this lipdub video should be able to help.

The entire student body and staff are involved in these annual lipdubs, which were created to enhance unity and school spirit, according to OCPS. The video opens with a dedication to the resilience of the students and staff at Gotha Middle in dealing with the pandemic.

Acknowledging this year’s eighth graders did not have a “normal” year, the school says that “together, they fought through the changes, overcame the adversity and are stronger than ever.” All the songs chosen for the lipdub video reflect that same theme of resilience.

You will not regret watching. Principal Monica Emery and everyone involved must be proud. Thank you, Gotha Middle School, for showing what the end of the school year is supposed to be about: celebrations, friends and moving on to new adventures.

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