Frontline Outreach Announces Educational Program to ‘Awaken the Genius’ in Students

Frontline Outreach, Awaken the Genius programFrontline Outreach Inc., one of Orlandos oldest urban youth and community organizations, recently announced a new approach to reaching, connecting and igniting a passion for learning in its students by immersing them in the different facets of technology.

The focus will be on exposing children to emerging technologies while providing critical hands-on training and experience.

Surrounded by new and longtime supporters at the nonprofits first annual Vision Breakfast, Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins introduced the launch of the Frontline Innovation Studios, a state-of-the-art facility supported by Ascend Studios with partnerships from locally renowned organizations like Full Sail University and other leaders in technology.

“We no longer live in a time where technology is a novelty,” said Bishop Allen T.D. Wiggins, Hope Center West Founder. “Technology evolves at an incredibly fast pace. Our goal with the Frontline Innovation Studios is to Awaken the genius’ in our students by giving them access to the latest technological advancements, as they prepare to take their place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Frontline Outreach Inc. is raising money as part of its million dollar-plus campaign. The funds will assist in facility improvements and the purchase of cutting-edge equipment, as well as support for Frontlines Circle of Genius programming.

“We are preparing our students to be the next generation of programmers, software developers, cybersecurity specialists and more,” Wiggins added.

To learn more about Frontline Innovation Studios and what it is doing for its students and the community, click here.

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