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Smart & Safe Florida Launches Veterans Coalition to Help Pass Amendment 3

The Smart & Safe Florida campaign launched a “Vets Vote #YesOn3” statewide Veterans Coalition to help advocate support for Amendment 3, proposing safe, regulated access to adult use of cannabis for those 21 years of age and older.

The coalition consists of over 600 Florida veterans of the nation’s armed services who have signed up to advocate for passage of Amendment 3 in November’s general election, according to the group.

“Many of our brave veterans across the country and here in Florida have been strong advocates for the freedom to access a legal, regulated cannabis market,” Smart & Safe Florida campaign stated. “The ‘Vets Vote #YesOn3’ coalition will work throughout Florida to educate, advocate, and turn out voters to support Amendment 3 on the November ballot, focusing on the significance of cannabis as a safe and effective alternative to synthetic opioids, which are commonly prescribed to treat PTSD and other conditions.”

Veterans who are registered to vote in Florida can join the “Vets Vote #YesOn3” coalition by signing up online.

The Veterans Coalition is the first of many supportive coalitions the Smart & Safe Florida campaign plans to release this year heading into November’s general election.

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