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Former B-CU Offensive Lineman Jumps from Blocking to Beats

I Got Next!

Terrance Gattling

Since age 12, Terrance Gattling had a desire to be an entertainer. The 34-year-old Miami native is now seeing a childhood dream come true as an emerging artist and producer. In his spare time he can be found trolling the sidelines of a football game featuring his alma mater, Bethune-Cookman University.

Gattling has successfully made the transition from offensive tackle on the Wildcats football team (from 2001 to 04’), to tackling the boards, beats, and bars in the studio. He earned a Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference championship ring in ’02 while opening holes for the option style Wyatt-Bone of former B-CU coach Alvin Wyatt.

“I just recently embraced my musical talents,” Gattling said. “For many years, I suppressed those talents and the desire because of family members who were not treated fairly in the business. I gradually began writing songs for those family members and various local artists.”

“As you grow older, you care less about what friends and family say regarding your dreams…especially when they’re not paying the bills,” he quipped.

Gattling said he makes fun music. He likens his style as a cross between Ceelo Green and Andre 3000. “The music I write for other artists varies depending on the client,” he said. Among his producing credits is Curb Records artist Larry Gordon.

Lineman, educator, producer, and dreamer

Terrance Gattling

Gattling graduated from B-CU in 2006 with a degree in Exceptional Student Education, then embarked on a teaching career as a middle school teacher at Indian Trails Middle School in Palm Coast.

“Although I’ve always wanted to be an actor, when I got to Bethune, we didn’t have Theater as a major. But someone convinced me education was the next best thing, so I became a teacher,” said Gattling, who taught grades 6 through 8 for autistic kids. “After teaching for only one year, I don’t believe I was there long enough to create an actual impact, but in the work I do with foster kids, I impact lives daily.”

In 2012 he visited Glenn “Horatio in Stereo” Walker, General Manager at Bethune-Cookman’s 99.1 LPFM. Walker referred him to Pam Browne of Curb Records. Curb is currently celebrating over 50 years in business as one of the world’s leading independent music companies.

“She [Browne] offered me a song writing deal, next thing I knew, I was headed to Nashville and networking with industry players,” he said.

Gattling is also signed to HBCU records and wrote two songs: “Champion” and “Good Times,” both of which are featured prominently at Bethune-Cookman home football games.

He said his Miami roots inspired and cultivated his dormant musical talent. “Being from Miami helps me embrace being different. My style comes from being raised in the Baptist Church. I like mixing Gospel elements with hard beats,” he said.

Still Chasing the Dream

Terrance Gattling

Although Gattling has earned a measure of success, he holds fast to his dream of becoming a bona fide entertainer, whether it’s on a football field, on the sidelines as an analyst, as an actor, or in the studio writing and performing.

“It’s funny certain situations can make your dream a nightmare. Everything has a good and a bad side. I can honestly say that I’m glad to be doing what I love. Everything has a good and I’m glad. I’m also ready to take it to the next level,” he stressed.

“Personally the business has not reached the lucrative stage yet but I believe once I get a hit under my belt I’ll be able to charge more for my talent. The way songwriters get paid has changed,” he added. “You can write a song and get it streamed 15 million times and only get a couple thousand dollars. Patience is key. It doesn’t all happen at once.”

Currently, Gattling is working on various projects, including an EDM EP (Electronic Dance Music-Extended Play) and another sports project. “I want the next song to be a ‘stadium banger,'” he said.

When not in the studio, Gattling can be found roving the sidelines at Bethune-Cookman home football games as the sideline analyst/ hype master for CatEyeNetwork and producing promos for men’s and women’s basketball preseason.

“My advice for up and coming entertainers is to be true to who you are as person. Win in from your lane whether that’s Lane one or lane eight. You have to always run your race. Like Jay-Z said ‘don’t go with the flow be the flow,'” he concluded.

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