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Florida Senator Rick Scott Named One of Least Bipartisan Senators Again

Florida Senator Rick Scott was named one of the least bipartisan Senators for the fifth year in a row.

According to Georgetown University and the Lugar Center’s annual Bipartisan Index, Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott has consistently been one of the least bipartisan Senators during his tenure.

Florida Democrats point out the incumbent Senator has voted against essential bipartisan infrastructure investments and other critical bipartisan legislation. They also say his plan to raise taxes and sunset Social Security and Medicare was too extreme even for Mitch McConnell, and they hope it will be too extreme for voters in the upcoming election.

“Rick Scott cares more about his own political ambitions than delivering for Florida and his legislative record shows it. Floridians deserve a Senator who puts aside self-serving politics to get things done,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Alex Wood.

View more on the Bipartisan Index online.

The FDP has been on the offense in attacking the Republican. Senator Rick Scott supported former President Donald Trump at his New York trial, and Florida Democrats attacked him for skipping work and pointed out he highlighted his Medicare fraud history.

Senator Scott has been able to work with some Democrats on legislation, including recently with Georgia Senator Jon Ossoff to introduce a bipartisan bill to lower costs for servicemembers and their families. He has also been supportive of bipartisan efforts against China and fentanyl, among other issues.

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