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Florida House Votes to Keep Kids Off Adult Websites

The Florida House of Representatives recently voted to pass House Bill 3 and protect children from adult content found online.

House Bill 3, by Port Orange Representative Chase Tramont and Palm City Rep. Toby Overdorf, both Republicans, requires age verification by websites and applications that publish material harmful to minors. The bill requires that all data collected to verify the age of a person attempting to access adult material must be deleted immediately.

“The same logic that applies to preventing children from entering adult establishments must be applied to accessing pornographic materials online. Existing guardrails are insufficient to prevent our kids from easily navigating the internet to view the sort of obscene material we hope to protect them from in the real world,” said Republican House Speaker Paul Renner, of Palm Coast. “I appreciate Representatives Tramont and Overdorf for working to ensure that children cannot access adult content and material that is harmful to them.”

“HB 3 simply strengthens a law that we’d all agree is commonsense and in the best interest of our children,” said Representative Tramont. “It’s time we enforce age restrictions on online adult content to protect our children physically, mentally, and spiritually. With the support of Speaker Renner, it’s an honor to carry this bill along with my co-sponsor, Representative Overdorf.”

“It’s shameful how easily our children can access obscene adult material online,” said Representative Overdorf. “This bill helps parents regulate what their child has access to and mandates age-verification methods required of adult establishments. I appreciate the opportunity to work with Representative Tramont and Speaker Renner on this commonsense solution.”

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