Florida Arbor Day is January 16th

Florida Arbor Day is celebrated on the third Friday of January every year. Florida has been celebrating Arbor Day since 1886. National Arbor Day is celebrated in April every year. Florida celebrates Arbor Day in January because it is the best time of year to plant trees in our climate.

Hernando County Extension along with the Florida Forest Service (FFS) will be celebrating Florida Arbor Day on Saturday January 16th at 9:00 am. The event will be held at the Master Gardener Nursery, 19490 Oliver St Brooksville, with
a tree seedling giveaway. At this event the FFS, Hernando County Forester Nicole Howard will be giving away tree seedlings to the public. The trees that will be given away are 1 year old bare root seedlings and will include;
* Redbud – A small deciduous tree with heart shaped leaves and small purple
* Parsley Hawthorne – More of a large bush than a tree with small white
flowers and small red edible fruit.
* Eastern Red cedar – An evergreen tree which grows very tall and wide, can be
a great centerpiece to your yard.
* Chickasaw plum – Also a small flowering tree that produces small plums and
it tolerates dry soil.
* Southern Red Oak – This is a large deciduous oak tree with deep lobes on the
leaves and tolerates dry soil.


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