Expect A Low Turnout At The Polls

Are Black people insignificant to you? Well, to most political candidates, African Americans are the voters that no one seeks to court or influence.

It’s true. Democratic and Republican candidates feel every ethnic group needs to be sought after but Blacks.

Democrats feel Black voters are so politically backwards and unaware that Black voters will vote for anybody that claims to be a Democratic candidate. Democrats feel if the most conservative candidate in the world ran against a liberal Republican, Blacks would vote Democratic.

Republicans feel that there is nothing GOP candidates can do to get more than five or ten percent of Black votes cast and therefore Republican candidates do nothing to woo Black voters.

Both democrats and republicans think, wrongfully so, that any Black elected official is a “Black Community Leader” and any Black elected official can tell Black voters whom they should vote for.

Speaking for myself, I can read, I can see and I can hear. I can evaluate and decide which candidates are best for me to support and vote for and which candidates I should vote against, so to speak.

The only way for African Americans to get the political respect they deserve is to become politically smart. We need to break the voting shackles the Democratic Party has around Black voter’s necks and begin to vote for the very best candidates regardless of the candidate’s political memberships and attachments.

You don’t have to take my suggestions on what to do. Just look at what Hispanic voters have recently done. Six years ago, Hispanic voters pulled levers for Republican George Bush. Two years ago, Latin voters voted for President Barack Obama. Today, every party has to cater to Cubans, Mexicans and other Latinos because candidates don’t have a clue who Hispanics will vote for.

Black voters need to tell Black elected officials how they should vote and not the other way around!

Yes, turnouts in recent elections have been extremely low in Georgia, in Pennsylvania, in Michigan and in other states.

All those Democrats, Black and white, that jumped into 2010 races thinking that they could get the voter numbers and support that President Obama did, won’t get half of the votes that the President did.

Instead of a 70-80% voter turnout, be happy if your community has 50% of registered voters going to the polls and don’t let the weather be rainy or scorching hot because turnout will then be even lower.

If you want bread, go to a baker. If you want to turn out voters, hopefully you went to someone that can devise a plan to get your friends and supporters to the polls.


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