Evans High Students Awed by Georgian Dance Group

Evans High School students got to experience the richness and beauty of Georgian culture Wednesday, when they welcomed “Iveria,” a youth performing group currently on tour in the United States.

Iveria - Georgian Youth Group performs at Evans High School, November 16, 2011 (Photo: WONO)

Founded in St. Petersburg in 2002, the Ensemble performed a number of traditional songs and dances from different regions of the Republic, including its capital, Tbilisi and the northern part of the country.

In awe of the amazing performance, some students got to participate in one dance and for a few minutes attempted to learn the steps being taught by the performers.

“I loved the dancing and the music, it was beautiful,” said Kevin, one of the students. “I also loved that some of us had an opportunity to participate in one of the dances.”

One of Iveria’s main aims is to show off Georgian Cossack dance and song and to familiarize audiences with the country’s folk art, imparting a sense of tolerance and respect for other cultures.

Evans High students participate in one of the dance performances, November 16, 2011 (Photo: WONO)

“The performance was unbelievable and I found the dance steps and music amazing,” Jamal, another student said.

Before the one-hour performance was over, students also got to learn a couple of Georgian words, such as “gmadlobt,” or “thank you” and “mshvidobit,” or “good bye.”

Over the next two days, Iveria, will perform at Mall of Millenia, All Saints Academy, Winter Park Rotary Club in east Orange County and St. Augustine, Florida, among other venues.  Prior to visiting Orlando, the group performed in New York and Washington, D.C.    Their tour to the United States was facilitated in part by the West Orlando Rotary Club.


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