Deputies Bust Up Car Break-ins

A pair of transients believed to have burglarized 11 vehicles at an auto sales dealership were arrested on Sunday, Orange County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Peter Gabrich (l) Robert Nienhuis (r)

29-year-old Robert Nienhuis and 30-year-old Peter Gabrich, both transients, are in the Orange County Jail, charged with several counts, including burglary of conveyance, petit theft and possession of burglary tools and fleeing.

Investigators said, a passer-by called police just after 11:00 a.m. when two suspects, later identified as Nienhuis and Gabrich, were seen burglarizing an auto sales dealership on Orange Avenue.  The men fled the scene before investigators could arrived, but their vehicle was kept under surveillance as it left the crime scene.

Police say, the suspects collided with another vehicle at the intersection of Gatlin and Orange Avenue, where they abandoned their car at the crash site.

Around 4:00 p.m. police learned the suspects were at the Racetrac gas station on Van and Orange Avenue.

Multiple police agencies and Orange County Sheriff’s deputies formulated a plan and deployed a stealth mode to the Racetrac station where the suspects were arrested, without further incident.

Robert Nienhuis and Peter Gabrich were booked into Orange County Jail around 11:00 pm, Sunday night. Deputies believe that the pair have been responsible for numerous other crimes.


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