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Democrats Call for Agriculture Commissioner Candidate to Drop Out Ahead of Primary

J.R. Gaillot, Naomi Esther Blemur, and Ryan Morales are running to become the Democratic nominee for Florida Agriculture Commissioner.

Ahead of the August 23rd primary election, two statewide Democrats are leveling serious allegations against frontrunner Democratic candidate Naomi Blemur in the Agriculture Commissioner race. Democrats J.R. Gaillot and Ryan Morales joined together to call on Blemur to drop out of the race and warned Florida Democrats about the new revelations.

The two other Democratic candidates in the race are also promising to file suit to uphold state law against Blemur if she does not withdraw from the race, which could cause drama for the Florida Democratic Party in an important election year.

“After conducting a thorough investigation, the Gaillot and Morales campaigns have confirmed that Naomi Blemur violated state law by fraudently falsifying her financial documents,” the joint Democratic campaign statement said.

Following reporting by the West Orlando News, the Democrats have stepped up their own research into Blemur.

“Independent research by both the Morales and Gaillot campaigns have come to the same conclusion: Naomi Blemur did not meet the minimum requirements to run for statewide office in the state of Florida,” the joint statement declared. “Blemur also appears to have intentionally falsified her financial disclosure documents when qualifying. This stems from the possession of property in New York (registered under her birth name Naromie Leriche) that has been registered and mortgaged from 2008. This is also the registered site of her ‘non-profit’ Esther’s House of Hope. Prior to marrying Anis Blemur in 2015 (who is currently in federal prison for committing a $1,600,000 real estate scam against members of a Haitian community), Naomi Blemur owned property in New York registered under the name Naromie Leriche. Publicly available records show that this property was still registered to her past 2017, meaning that her residency was still in New York. The Florida Constitution Section 5.(b) states, ‘When elected, the governor, lieutenant governor and each cabinet member must be an elector not less than thirty years of age who has resided in sthe state for the preceeding seven years.'”

While the fellow Democrats believe that is reason enough to disqualify Blemur, they also raised additional concerns.

“Publicly available records do not show a deed of sale, which leads us to the conclusion that Naomi Blemur may have purposefully left off more than $300,000 worth of assets when filing her financial disclosures,” the Morales and Gaillot campaigns said. “This would also disqualify her from being eligible to run for statewide office. A $1.6 million lien from the federal government was also found on Blemur’s residency here in Florida, prompting further questions as to why this was not reported as a liability. Further research also shows that Blemur’s name change occurred in California (despite never living there) in 2014, whcih lines up with her financial troubles in New York and other various lawsuits. Blemur claims on her FB page that she is a CPA, thereby disallowing any excuse for her not knowing state law when it comes to filing financial documents.”

“Given the facts that have come to light, the Morales and Gaillot campaigns ask that Naomi Blemur withdraw from the race for Commissioner of Agriculture,” the joint release said. “If Ms. Blemur fails to do so, they will be forced to file suit to uphold state law for candidates running for statewide office in Florida.”

The other campaigns in the Agriculture race also accused Blemur’s campaign and supporters of intimidation beyond normal politics due to the pressure ahead of the primary.

“The Gaillot and Morales campaigns also condemn the multiple incidents of supporter intimidation and defamation by Naomi Blemur and her supporters,” the candidates said in the joint statement. “Staffers and supporters for the Morales and Gaillot campaigns have received threatening calls as well as various other forms of intimidation in support of Blemur. These incidents have been coupled with the candidate herself attempting to lie to the public about her own qualifications. Blemur has repeatedly referred to herself as ‘Dr. Naomi Blemur’ despite not holding a doctorate or medical degree.”

This quiet primary for Agriculture Commissioner just got real messy for Florida Democrats.

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