Democrat Dr. Lee Mangold Qualifies for Ballot by Petition


Dr. Lee Mangold, Democratic candidate for State Representative in District 28, has collected the required candidate petition signatures from the district to quality for the 2018 election and will be on the ballot in November. To qualify as a candidate, the Mangold campaign had to collect signed petitions from at least 1,121 eligible voters in District 28. Candidates may also qualify by can paying a fee, however this was not deemed to be an appropriate method of getting on the ballot or an effective use of campaign funds by the candidate, who is proud of the accomplishment.

“Getting candidate petitions signed is a great way to engage with the community without making a big monetary ask,” said Dr. Mangold. “We took our time with the petition process. Rather than rush through signatures, we used this opportunity to listen, to recruit volunteers, and to educate the public about our campaign; and it worked!”

The Mangold campaign finished the petition process with roughly 200 volunteers supporting dozens of community events, marches, fundraisers, and house parties across the district. The campaign stated this is the first Democratic candidate to be on the ballot in 10 years in this Seminole County district.

“The level of support has been astounding,” commented Dr. Mangold. “We certainly didn’t do this alone. We’ve had tremendous support from individuals and community groups in every corner of this District. Citizens across Seminole County are waking up to the reality that we need leadership in Tallahassee that works for the people, and they finally have a choice. We’re ready!”

Dr. Mangold is a 35-year-old native of Central Florida, a local small business owner, an Adjunct Professor at the University of Central Florida, and very active in the cybersecurity community. As a lifetime learner and educator, Dr. Mangold understands the modern challenges facing students and educators and is excited about working for teachers, students, and their families.

According to Dr. Mangold, “addressing gaps in our educational system – to include increased and fair teacher compensation and reduced student testing – is a key component to increased local wages, increased local opportunities, and decreased crime. It’s time we treat education like an asset and not a liability.”

Dr. Mangold has also spoken out about healthcare, senior care, environmental concerns, renewable energy, equal rights for all, an increased minimum wage, common sense drug enforcement, and much more. He believes taking a rational, measured, and scientific approach to legislation in order to make the most appropriate decisions on all these issues.

An earlier version of this article mistakenly listed an incorrect name for an endorsement for Dr. Mangold and has since been updated to remove the reference. Dr. Mangold has been endorsed in this race by Democratic State Representative John Cortes (D-Kissimmee) and Longwood City Commissioner and former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan.


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