Crist, A Fast Falling Star

Many observers have been saying recently that, Charlie Crist, the Florida governor, once beloved by both Republicans and Democrats alike, has lost his way.  Moreover, now that Crist is in a neck-and-neck race with Marco Rubio for the GOP Senate nomination, if he doesn’t get back on track soon, he most certainly won’t win the race that was his to lose.

Gov. Charlie Crist

Miami Herald: Charlie Crist is off his game. Way off his game, which was spectacular when it was good. He had the easy rhythm of public life down perfectly. Deferential to the Legislature (even when it didn’t deserve it), easily accessible to the media (on a first-name basis with most) and wildly popular with most Floridians, Democrats as well as Republicans. Nowadays, Democrats have pretty much abandoned him, and hard-core GOP conservatives are flocking to Marco Rubio. Charlie’s not only lost his mo, he’s lost his mojo.

That was sadly obvious at the annual luncheon of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, which brought together nearly 400 of the biggest movers and shakers in the Cuban-American community last week to hear all the Senate candidates. It’s a tribute to PAC’s clout that all four agreed to appear in the same room at the same time. They wouldn’t debate or take questions, but it was still the most important moment yet in this young Senate campaign. A very good moment for one of the candidates (Marco Rubio), pretty good to fair for two others (Maurice Ferre and Kendrick Meek) and an awful one for Crist.

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