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Congress Proposes Fixing Social Security Hotline for Seniors

Social Security hotline for SeniorsIntroduced in response to repeated complaints shared by constituents around the country and here in Florida, new Congressional legislation would ensure that older and disabled seniors can get answers from the Social Security Administration (SSA) hotline. U.S. Representative Val Demings joined Rep. Cindy Axne and Rep. Tim Ryan to introduce the Meeting Our Seniors’ Social Security Needs Act.

The Social Security Administration operates a 24/7 automated hotline that is meant to connect callers to their local SSA office during business hours. This hotline has become even more important for seniors since the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the discontinuation of in-person appointments.

“My office has worked with hundreds of Floridians who have been unable to receive timely information regarding their Social Security benefits,” said Rep. Demings. “Social Security is a sacred promise and it’s one that we must fulfill. While we work on legislation to strengthen Social Security, increase benefits, and ensure that Social Security can fully cover the needs of Floridians, it is also critical that the system work correctly for seniors who need help or information. Every Floridian must have a chance to retire with dignity. Our legislation will help ensure that adequate staff are assigned to answer phone calls, saving Floridians from facing long wait times and automated responses.”

While Rep. Demings’ casework team has been able to resolve underlying issues on constituents’ behalf, Rep. Demings’ new legislation would cut down on wait times and backlogged voicemails and help ensure that Floridians can get answers quickly and easily.

“Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced local Social Security offices across the country to discontinue in-person appointments, countless seniors have had to rely on virtual and phone options to try to get answers on their benefits,” said Rep. Axne. “But from what I’ve heard from older Iowans, the phone line that is set up to help is leaving our seniors without answers.”

The legislation has the support of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), Alliance of Retired Americans; Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), and Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER).


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