Coldwell Banker Move Meter Data Reveals Where Americans Are Dreaming of Moving

This summer, as Americans enjoy their favorite activities to cool down, dreams of moving are heating up. Fresh data from the Coldwell Banker Move Meter shows trends and insights into where Americans are dreaming of moving, giving sellers an informative, clear picture about the potential of listing their homes. The new data shows 3 of top 10 searched cities to move are in Florida.

In general, 82% of all Move Meter searches to date were looking to move out of state – and of course, Florida is the top place where Americans are dreaming of moving.

Here are some of the highlights of the data:

  • Burnin’ Up for Florida: The #1 state topping the Move Meter? interest index was Florida with one out of seven of all Move Meter? searches looking to move to the Sunshine State.
  • The top states looking to soak up the Florida sun included New Jersey, California, New York, Illinois, Ohio and Massachusetts. Where in Florida are these searchers looking? Sarasota, Miami, Naples, and Tampa were the most popular searched cities.
  • Destination Dreams: The top 10 searched cities included Austin; Sarasota, Florida; San Diego; Denver; Nashville, Tennessee; Tampa, Florida; New York; Naples, Florida; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Seattle.
  • Floridians don’t disagree – they, too, see the appeal, as they were one of the top states searching for destinations within the state as well, with a quarter of Floridian searches looking to stay in-state.
  • Chasing Sunshine: While Midwesterners and Northeasterners are looking for warmer temps in the Southeast (38% vs 46%), Southeasterners, Southwesterners and Westerners all had higher likelihoods of staying local to their respective regions.
  • Going the distance: The average Move Meter? search covered 1,015 average miles (about the distance of New York to Miami).
  • In California, only 20% of real estate searches were for in-state. Californians are looking to Texas, Florida, Tennessee and Washington overall, with Austin, Dallas, Seattle and Nashville having the greatest move appeal outside of California.

Check out the Coldwell Banker Move Meter and compare cities to see more data.

The Move Meter? compares cost of living city by city. It was created by Coldwell Banker Real Estate as part of a suite of industry exclusive tools to allow consumers to dream of home and guide them to their new destination. In addition to the Move Meter, Coldwell Banker has created exclusive tools like the CB Estimate, which provides a home value estimate, and a remarkable new Seller’s Assurance Program.

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