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Amtrak Connects US: A Vision to Grow Rail Service Across America

“President Biden’s infrastructure plan is what this nation has been waiting for," said Amtrak CEO Bill Flynn.

Soto Celebrates First National Borinqueneers Day

“On the first National Day of the Borinqueneers, we pay tribute to the heroes of the 65th Infantry Regiment"

Contributions and Influence of Immigrant Voters in the 2020 Presidential Election

It is important to note that immigrants have different backgrounds, beliefs, and concerns.

COVID-19 Vaccine: The Silent War, The Silent Race

Would you rather have COVID-19, or the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Trump Responds to Fauci and Birx

Here's the full statement from former President Donald J. Trump:

With Increased Demand and Funding, Amtrak Restores 12 Long Distance Routes to Daily Service

From New York City to the California coast; from Florida beaches to the Sierra Nevada; and from the Windy City to heart of the Big Easy, Amtrak’s world-famous long distance routes offer countless itineraries to over 500 destinations from coast to coast.

Big Tech’s Absolute Power: A Threat to Freedom of Speech and Competitiveness

Social media companies have been under intense scrutiny over the past few years for their influence and seemingly unchecked power on the global social and political process.

Trump Blasts Biden Border Policies

Former President Donald Trump is blasting President Joe Biden's immigration and enforcement policies in the early days of the new administration.

President Donald Trump Acquitted Again

Trump also called this "yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt" in his statement reacting to the verdict, published in full.

Former President Trump’s Answer to Article of Impeachment

Read President Trump's full answer to the article of impeachment against him.

Former President Donald J. Trump Announces Impeachment Legal Team

What will happen next week when the U.S. Senate attempts to impeach former President Donald J. Trump?

Possibly Unconstitutional: Democrats Push for Removal of Former President

Is this the Biden presidency? Sometimes it's hard to forget President Trump when the Democrats remain so fearful of him. You already took his Twitter, get ready to give him back a big megaphone if a full trial takes place.

President Biden Plans Immediate Action on Many Issues with Executive Orders

Hours after taking the oath of office, President Joe Biden will take a historic number of actions.

The Biden Presidency Begins

"It’s a new day in America," President Joe Biden posted earlier today ahead of the 59th Presidential Inauguration.

ACLU Warns Against ‘Unchecked Power’ after Social Media Bans

The ACLU has announced concerns over social media censoring President Donald Trump, worrying it is the start of "unchecked power."

Biden Attends COVID-19 Memorial

"It's hard sometimes to remember, but that's how we heal," said President-elect Joe Biden.

Biden Should Call Emergency G20 Meeting, Says Religious Development Group

A religious development group urges President-elect Biden to convene an emergency G20 meeting upon inauguration into the high office.

G7 Calls for More Debt Relief to Confront COVID-19 Crisis

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin convened G7 Finance Ministers, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to coordinate responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

U.S. Postal Service Launches New Election Mail Website

Site provides information for election officials and voters choosing to use U.S. Mail to vote.

Coast Guard Foundation Prepares for 2020 Hurricane Season Response

The U.S. Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Foundation are currently preparing for what is predicted to be an active hurricane season.

Author Asks,’If they had a cure, would they tell us?’

"If there was a cure for a global pandemic, would they tell us?" the bestselling author asked.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Anxiety, Stress, Fear of the Future Are Leading Problems Faced By Latinos

A health and wellness company for the Hispanic population in the US conducted a survey of Latinos to better understand how the community is coping with coronavirus lockdowns.

FDA Approves COVID-19 Trial Using of Umbilical Stem Cells

The study will be the first of its kind in the U.S.

Parkinson’s Foundation Hosts Free Bilingual Care Partner Virtual Summit

The event takes place online on Saturday, May 16, 2020 from 12 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST.

Democrats Introduce Coronavirus Legislation to Address Impact on TSA

Democratic members of the Committee on Homeland Security introduced new legislation to address the impact coronavirus has had on the Transportation Security Administration’s frontline workforce.  During the coronavirus pandemic, TSA’s 49,000 Transportation Security Officers, along with thousands more Federal Air Marshals and canine handlers, have continued to do their...

More than 3.4M Homeowners – 6.4% of All Mortgages – Now in COVID-19-Related Forbearance Plans

According to the McDash Flash Forbearance Tracker, as of April 23, 2020, more than 3.4 million homeowners -- or 6.4% of all mortgages -- have entered into COVID-19 mortgage forbearance plans.

New COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker Measures Economic Crisis for Millions of Small Businesses

The Cortera COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker (CEIT) is now officially live...

Way to Go Joe!

Proving to be the last man standing, Joe Biden is the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Kayleigh McEnany Gets Trumped Up

Kayleigh McEnany is the new press secretary to President Donald J. Trump. She will play a major part in the president’s re-election campaign.

Coronavirus: International Concern Growing Over Healthcare Workers’ Wellbeing

"It is critical for healthcare workers fighting this deadly virus to ensure they have the proper protection and deploy the most advanced gear that provides the greatest safety," said Ronald F. DeMeo, M.D.