Author Asks,’If they had a cure, would they tell us?’

International bestselling author James Sheridan re-releases his book, The Pandora Prescription. Sheridan dives deep into Big Pharm and exposes the lengths they have gone to control the cure to one of the world’s leading causes of death: cancer. The Pandora Prescription asks the question:

“If there was a cure for a global pandemic, would they tell us?” Sheridan  asked.

Sheridan chose this time during COVID-19 to re-release his book because the book offers insights that are relevant to the coronavirus pandemic and offers some eerie parallels to questions regarding the role Big Pharm is playing in the race to find a vaccine.

“I wrote this novel in 2006 as a warning about our weakening immune systems because of rejecting nature and instead unwittingly consuming artificial foods, and assuming science will save us from the consequences with a pill or a vaccine,” Sheridan  said. “Though The Pandora Prescription became an international bestseller, it seems not enough people heeded its message as we now find ourselves locked indoors from the current pandemic, so this book has never been a more critical read, albeit told through an entertaining thriller, that will also help people understand how if a natural cure for a pandemic existed it would likely be suppressed because there is no profit in an unpatentable natural substance.”

In 2007, after crossing swords with the medical establishment over a natural cure supplement, and determined to expose a medical cover-up, Sheridan wrote the fact-based novel, which became a bestseller in America and China and is now offered as an ebook for the first time.

So what do you think, would they tell us?


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