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Andor Health Receives UCSF Digital Health Award

Andor Health, an Orlando company reinventing virtual health, was selected from hundreds of innovative companies as a 2022 UCSF Digital Health Awards Rising Star in the New Telehealth Innovation category.

The Digital Health Awards honors outstanding health technologies and innovations that dramatically transform healthcare each year. The Digital Health Awards are the leading awards in the health technology industry, awarding the best new product innovations and technologies in the digital health space.

Andor Health was chosen based on rigorous judging criteria that reviewed every new technology in virtual care in solving the scope of the problem, level of differentiation, impact on target users, market potential, and customer validation.

Andor Health’s innovative and AI-driven virtual care collaboration platform, ThinkAndor, empowers health systems to optimize virtual first and hybrid care strategies. ThinkAndor meets the demands of a consumer-driven care model while mitigating the resource shortages that have overburdened emergency departments, allowing patients and families easy access to care without increasing the burden on the hospital.

Health systems can leverage ThinkAndor to improve and enhance virtual care experiences across the care continuum for clinicians and patients including clinical and non-clinical experiences. By combining AI with human intelligence, our cloud-based platform unlocks data stored in electronic medical records to deliver real-time actionable intelligence to care teams within and outside the health system. ThinkAndor optimizes communication workflows, accelerating time to treatment, decreasing clinician burnout, and driving better patient outcomes – 64% reduction in ED visits with virtual triage, 36% reduction in left without being seen rates, and 30% reduction in costs.

“This year’s incredible winners are mature digital-first companies contributing to reducing healthcare inefficiencies while bringing the latest in digital technologies to a sector that up until recently was considered a late adapter,” stated Mark H. Goldstein, Chairman, UCSF Health Hub.

“We are honored to be recognized as a Rising Star in New Telehealth Innovation category,” explained Srini Surendranath, Chief Product & Strategy Officer, Andor Health. “We remain focused on advancing the efficacy and reach of care through technology and believe ThinkAndor aids our customers to forge new paths in care delivery and overcome staffing challenges.”

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