A1A Solar Helps Champion Brands Go Green with Huge 340 Solar Panel System

A1A Solar, with local Orlando offices at 6112 Hanging Moss Rd., recently installed one of its largest commercial rooftop solar panel projects to date. Champion Brands, a premier beverage distributor serving Florida and Georgia customers and suppliers, hired A1A Solar to engineer and install its solar photovoltaic system, which features 340 USA-made modules producing a total of 115.80 kWh.

To put that in perspective, Champion Brands reduced its carbon dioxide emissions equivalent by 13,371 gallons of gasoline per year.

This will net the company a savings of $763,000 in utility costs over the rooftop solar panel system’s lifetime.

Learn more about A1A Solar here.

It’s another example of how a local company positively impacted its community and how much solar energy saves on utility cost.


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