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A Time for Change Now: Shan Rose Runs for Orlando City Commissioner

Shaniqua “ShanRose is running for Orlando City Commissioner with a message of change for the troubled District 5. As a former city employee, Rose worked in the economic development department, first in the community redevelopment agency and downtown development board, and then in the permitting office. After working for the city, she established her own nonprofit organization. She is also a single mother of a young son living in the Parramore community of Orlando and is a survivor of gun violence.

“I am running for City Commissioner to help protect, elevate, and advance the businesses and people within our city,” candidate Shan Rose told the West Orlando News. “This seat to me is more than being a public figure, it’s about me diving in to help rescue our communities. Being elected to sit with a group of my peers and make visual changes that positively impact our local communities.”

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A Time For Change Now is the official slogan for her campaign. “A Time for Change Now is more than a slogan for a campaign, but it is the defining character mission statement for Orlando District 5,” Rose added. “The change is for increased safety, more education, crime prevention, environmental safety, and the overall advancement of the people and businesses within this city.”

As she campaigns against incumbent City Commissioner Regina Hill, Rose says her purpose of running is to reduce crime, create equitable employment opportunities, and to provide technical training to young people so they can participate in higher wage infrastructure projects. Rose calls herself “a purpose driven leader” and hopes her mix of education and both public and private sector experience will set her apart in the election. Rose has a Masters Degree in Public Administration.

“My community involvement includes youth mentorship, homeless justice, community policing, negotiating, and fighting for the equality of all Central Floridians,” Rose said. “A survivor of gun violence, I was a participant of the City of Orlando’s night time economy study to ensure people could enjoy the entertainment Orlando has to offer, and also make it home safely.”

Shan Rose has also been endorsed by “Run For Something,”, a political organization dedicated to recruiting and supporting strong voices in the next generation of progressive leadership.

“With the collaboration of community partners, I have organized and accomplished the beautification of the community, from clean ups to street resurfacing,” Rose added. “As President of my nonprofit, Change For The Community, the primary focus is mentoring youth in the community to provide guidance and opportunities needed for a successful future.”

Through research and collaboration, Rose has advocated and initiated programming and funding for mental health and homeless individuals. She was also recently recognized by Orlando News 6 (WKMG-TV) with their Getting Results Award for Pzifer events and home visits that provided over 14,000 vaccines.

A summary of her platform for change in Orlando includes:

Crime reduction

Strengthen neighborhood watch groups to protect our communities.

More Employment
Create a streamlined process for jobs on new construction projects and increase training opportunities in the high wage industries

Better Infrastructure
Budget set aside for more infrastructure repair and replacement.

Increased Housing
More PPP (public private partnership) to develop housing on city owned lots, so they do not remain vacant and become a cease pool for dumping

Stronger Youth Programming
Strengthen community collaborations and create systemic structure in youth programming for better results.

Homeless reduction
Transform abandoned hotels and motels in to homeless living facilities. Create a community court to reduce recidivism and provide needed services for homeless individuals.

Environment Protection
Create policy that positively impacts Florida’s environment and encourage people to be responsible environmental stewards.

Another Chance Ordinance
Blanket pardons for closed marijuana possession convictions for those individuals previously convicted in the City of Orlando on a single Unlawful Possession of Marijuana of up to 20 grams.

For more information, please feel free to visit the Shan Rose campaign website.

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