A Tale of Two Write-In Candidates: TIM ADAMS


This is part three of a three-part series on the write-in candidates for Orange County Clerk of Courts. 

Another option for the ______ (blank) line on your ballot for Clerk of Courts is Tim Adams. After over 42 years of service and experience with the Democratic Party, Dr. Adams understands the great expense and sacrifice involved in the process. He also is quick to answer what is the best part about being a write-in candidate with “That’s an oxymoron.” And his 42 years of service and his family’s dedication to Democratic candidates in the past also make the local Democratic Party’s lack of recognition or support more of an issue for Adams.

“Heck no, I didn’t expect the local party to be so dismissive,” Adams said. “I have done more for the Democratic Party than our current Chairman in Orange County who takes credit for work that other people have provided. There will be reckoning for their actions. There will be a strong backlash from our supporters.”

Adams decided to qualify as a write-in for this office because he also views the high cost qualifying fee of $9,000 as a poll tax. He also mentioned that the Democratic Party does not help all candidates pay these fees, although both parties do provide these resources for some. As a campaign veteran on local Democratic campaigns, Adams is frustrated on many fronts. In response to the local Democratic Party not including his name on their materials or literature, he has a scathing commentary.

“It makes us realize that they want African-American votes, but have no Respect for us,” Adams stated. “Nor do they intend to share our Democratic money or even a slate card with those of us who have worked so long and so hard to elect Democrats in Orange County.”

Meanwhile, Tim Adams is hard at work, putting his get out the vote experience to work on the streets. He is also running as an accessible candidate utilizing online social media, while also attending community events and continuing his work within the community. Adams will always point out that many leaders were elected as write-in candidates and that his name recognition is strong. He has been on the ballot, remained active over the years and is a known voice in Orange County.

But he does predict win or lose that there will matters to deal with after Election Day. “This situation will definitely explode after November 2012.”

Part one of this series can be found here. Part two spotlighted Randy Ross.



  1. Many Smart Democrats decided That Partisan Politics are not best for their Constituents, and will vote to maintain non partisan status for Orange County’s Mayor and Commission Districts.
    There has been absolutely NO Advantage to Democrats in the Partisan labels associated with The two major parties. We may loose many needed programs and services with a return to the lopsided Political ideologies That partisan Politics have worked to denigrate segments our Orange County Political decisions.
    Many will point out that the previous Minority Candidates Never received support from the Democratic party!
    The Democratic party has leeched our Quifying fees yo feather it’s nests, while doing extremely little for Minority Communities!
    The Orange County DEC has discriminated against minority candidates fir many years,and continues to do so today. Tge party has No African American State Committeeman or Woman, no Chaurman, Vice-chair, Secretary nor Treasurer, from the Most Loyal Group if Democratic VOTERS in Orange County! We Vote Democratic, and other Democrats vote and act to endorse The Republican Speaker of the Florida House if Representatives.
    We, African American Voters support Democrats, which our party acts to Disparately Deny us a listing on Democratic Party Literature, while White Democrats use our Votes together elected, Then Discriminate Against African Ameticans!
    To return to Divisive Political partisanship will deny us the Ability to obtain needed Services from elected officials, who Know full well that Most African Ameticans Vote for Democrats, and very often the Elected Offucials who are elected to serve us, are Republican, and we loose the Represrntation, while Paying the Same Taxation that others pay, and we suffer from party ALIENATION from prejudiced Democrats and Opposing Party Officials who are often largely Republicans.
    Orange County Partisanship fir whites cost egg type sacrifices:
    While African Americans are forced to pay “Steak – Type” Sacrifices!
    Dr. Tim Adams, Th D Vice President, Orange County National Action Network, Democratic Black Caucus Statewide Conference Chairman.

  2. Civil Rights Leadership
    During the months that this photo was made, a group of us students who studied at Bethune-Cookman .college were brutally treated by Daytona Beach, Florida Police for Simply requesting to buy food at Morrison’s cafeteria, Krystal’s Restaurant, and S & S cafeteria.
    Dr. Tim Adams, Th D President. Student Government Association, SM,
    Bethune-Cookman College May 29. 1963. And June, 1963-June, 1964.

    The St. Augustine Movement was a civil rights movement that took place in St. Augustine, Florida in 1963–1964. It was part of the wider African American Civil Rights Movement. It was a major event in St. Augustine’s long history and had a key role in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.[1][2]

    Despite the 1954 Supreme Court act in Brown v. Board of Education, which ruled that the “separate but equal” legal status of public schools made those schools inherently unequal, St. Augustine still had only six black children admitted into white schools.[when?] The homes of two of the families of these children were burned by local segregationists while other families were forced to move out of the county because the parents were fired from their jobs.
    In 1963 a sit-in protest at the local Woolworth’s lunch counter ended in the arrest and imprisonment of 16 young black protesters and seven juveniles. Four of the children, two of whom were 16 year old girls, were sent to “reform” school and retained for six months. The St. Augustine Four, as they came to be known, JoeAnn Anderson, Audrey Nell Edwards, Willie Carl Singleton and Samuel White, had their case publicized as an egregious injustice by Jackie Robinson, the national NAACP, the Pittsburgh Courier newspaper and others.[3] Finally, a special action of the governor and cabinet of Florida freed them in January 1964.[4]
    In September 1963, the Ku Klux Klan staged a rally of several hundred Klansmen on the outskirts of town. They seized NAACP leader and local dentist Robert Hayling and three other NAACP activists (Clyde Jenkins, James Jackson and James Hauser) whom they beat with fists, chains, and clubs.[5] The four men were rescued by Florida Highway Patrol officers. St. Johns County Sheriff L. O. Davis arrested four white men for the beating and also arrested the four unarmed blacks for “assaulting” the large crowd of armed Klansmen. Charges against the Klansmen were dismissed, but Hayling was convicted of “criminal assault” against the KKK mob.[3][6]
    In the spring of 1964, Hayling put out a call to northern college students to come to St. Augustine for spring break, not to go to the beach, but to take part in civil rights activities. Accompanying them were four prominent Boston women: three wives of Episcopal bishops, and the fourth the wife of the vice president of the John Hancock Insurance Company. It was front page news on April 1, 1964 when one of them, Mrs. Mary Parkman Peabody, the 72 year old mother of the governor of Massachusetts, was arrested in an integrated group at the Ponce de Leon Motor Lodge, north of town.[7]
    That event brought the movement in St. Augustine to international attention. Over the next few months, the city got more publicity than it ever had in its many centuries of existence. The massive non-violent direct action campaign was led by Hayling, and Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) staff including: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Andrew Young, Hosea Williams, C. T. Vivian, Fred Shuttlesworth, Willie Bolden, J. T. Johnson, Dorothy Cotton and others. Civil rights activists made St. Augustine the stage for a moral drama enacted before a world audience.[8]
    From May until July 1964 protesters endured abuse, beatings, and verbal assaults without any retaliation. By absorbing the violence and hate instead of striking back the protesters gained national sympathy and were a key factor in passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Monument, dedicated May 14, 2011
    The movement engaged in nightly marches down King Street. The protesters were met by white segregationists who violently assaulted them. Hundreds of the marchers were arrested and incarcerated. The jail was filled, so subsequent detainees were kept in an uncovered stockade in the hot sun.[5][9]
    When attempts were made to integrate the beaches of Anastasia Island, demonstrators were beaten and driven into the water by segregationists. Some of the protesters could not swim and had to be saved from possible drowning by other demonstrators. [10]
    St. Augustine was the only place in Florida where Dr. Martin Luther King was arrested, on June 11, 1964 on the steps of the Monson motel restaurant. He wrote a “Letter from the St. Augustine Jail” to his old friend, Rabbi Israel Dresner, in New Jersey, urging him to recruit rabbis to come to St. Augustine and take part in the movement. The result was the largest mass arrest of rabbis in American history on June 18, 1964 at the Monson motel.[3]
    The demonstrations came to a climax when a group of black and white protesters jumped into the swimming pool at the Monson Motor Lodge. In response to the protest the manager of the motel, James Brock, who was the president of the Florida Hotel & Motel Association, was photographed pouring acid into the pool to get the protesters out.[3] Photographs of this, and of a policeman jumping into the pool to arrest them, were broadcast around the world and became some of the most famous images of the entire civil rights movement. The motel and pool were demolished in March 2003, despite five years of protests, thus eliminating one of the nation’s important landmarks of the Civil Rights Movement.[11] A Hilton Hotel was built on the site.

  3. Graduate of University of CENTRAL FLORIDA, Liberal and Legal Studies, Public Administration. Completed Math, Science Bethune-Cookman University. served as College Counselor B-CU. Talent Search
    Served as Student Government President, Bethune-Cookman College.
    Tim Lucas Adams Attended Stetson University prior to serving in the united States AIR FORCE; Dr. Tim Lucas Adams, Th. D. Currently Serving as the President of the Urban University Seminary, SM. We offer Pastoral and Community Services Counseling, Family Services, Educational and Employment Preparation for Christian Purposes.
    Urban university Seminary is Operating in Several Caribbean Nations; and we are Preparing to Develop Campuses in Africa.
    Our Hometown is Orlando, Florida. Our Grandfathers were both Farmers, and agricultural Specialists, and My Parents became Educators, as well as my Siblings; who also are Alumni of Stetson University; Dr. Jerome L. Adams, M. D., and Attorney A. Adams Hardy, J. D..
    Our Family owns a 283 Acre Estate in Dodge County, Georgia. That is an Interesting Situation that Bears Your Reading and adding to the Knowledge Base of the American Experience that we want to share with all who are interested.
    That Land Came with a Very High Price.
    In Florida, I am Very Involved with Elected Office and Served as the First County Wide Elected Man from District Six County Area; as the Chairman of the Orange County Wide Soil and Water Conservation District; A State agency Concerned with Agricultural and Land Use, Water And Land Conservation Matters.
    Tim Adams is an Environmentalist and an Advocate for Environmental and Social JUSTICE at All Levels.
    Dr. Adams currently serves on the Board of Directors of more than twelve nonprofit Organization including the African American Council of Christian Clergy, The Twelve County Legal services of Mid Florida and the Local Branch of the NAACP.
    Also served as a state wide Labor and Industry Chairman of the Florida NAACP Conference under the Late Honorable Commissioner Charles Cherry, who developed a Radio and Television Network of Family Owned Radio Stations.
    Adams also served as the President of the Student Government of Bethune-Cookman College, Now a University, and On the Student Senate of the university of Central Florida.
    Adams is a United States Air Force Veteran and served in more than Seven Countries during an Honorable tour of Duty.
    Adams Served as a Chaplin and Corrections Officer for the Local Sheriff Department, and a task Force Member of the Orange County, Florida Sheriffs’ office. I served as the FIRST State and Federal Program Coordinator for the Historic TOWN of EATONVILLE, Florida.

  4. To the Honorable Dr.Tim Lucas Adams,

    Please inform me in regard to why you retracted your email to me, (12/17/2012) requesting information concerning the actions of the Brevard Deputies who shot my son. Benjamin was shot and killed on June 16, 2012. It was brutal and his body was treated with no dignity. Any help you can render will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Rose M. Dykeman
    (757) 471-2835


  5. Our local Democratic Party has been forced by a very Small group
    Of Self-Serving, Self-Dealing, Demogogues, most of whom have been Paid by Randolph Schemes fOr personal Gain of the Gang of Ten, who got, and get paid money for the actions they place upon the other Members of our DEC, in a Dictatorial and undemocratic manner!

  6. We have become a nation that tolerates U S House speaker making absolutely false statements concerning the Nations Economic Status,
    And a Sipreme Court “anti” Justice making Mockery of Americans
    Citizens’ Rights to vote, and inciting riots by calling the rights
    Racial Entitlements, an element of declaring opposition to 53%
    Of the Nation whose Constitution he is charged to Uphold;
    Rather than his recent attempts to Destroy the Constitution
    ForHis Racist Reasons!


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