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Animal Hero, 9, to be Honored at Central Florida Earth Day

Logan and friend
Logan Main and rescued 4-legged friend, Edison, enjoy a deserved nap. Logan and Edison will be awarded the Animal Hero Kids Award at the 2013 Central Florida Earth Day event. (Photo credit:

Animal Hero Kids and Humane Educators Reaching Out will recognize Logan Main, a 4th Grade student who works tirelessly to help many species of animals. 9-year old Logan will be recognized for his compassion and determination to educate others about animals in peril and meet the rescued dog who is up for adoption who will accept the award with him.

On Saturday, April 20, at 1:45 at Central Florida Earth Day, Animal Hero Kids and Humane Educators Reaching Out will present Logan Main with the Animal Hero Kids Award for educating, acting and extending his kindness for all animals in need at the main band stage. Logan will also be contributing to a Youth Involvement Speakers Panel at 12 noon, with Animal Hero Kids Founder Susan Hargreaves.

“The world needs more kindness, and here is a 9-year old who is spreading kindness to all,” said Hargreaves.

Logan’s class presentation described the everyday realities in the transporting, housing and abusive training for captive wildlife used in circuses. When the students received free tickets from circuses who abuse animals in order to make them do tricks, all but one of Logan’s classmates threw the tickets away. Logan’s teacher also changed her mind about the circus.

Logan tells his friends, “If you see someone hurting an animal, tell someone! Don’t be quiet. You’re their only voice.”

Logan cares about other animals and the Earth. He is a vegetarian and raises awareness about how animals are abused in factory farming. He protests puppy stores, circuses, and promotes vegan awareness at Amway arena events. Logan and his family have rescued Edison, a deaf English bulldog, who is Logan’s constant companion. Logan and his best friend Edison can often be seen napping together. and encourage and recognize Animal Heroes. Founder, Susan Hargreaves has presented free, interactive, humane education programs for 30 years to promote kindness towards all species of animals.

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