The Beautiful… The Battle… The Ballet

Setting the stage for a world premier, the Orlando Ballet is presenting “Battle of the Sexes” from March 19 – 21, 2010.  Taking advantage of their tag-line, time to rethink ballet has come… and yes Virginia, there really is sexy in the Orlando Ballet.

Chiaki Yasukawa

Maximizing metaphor, suspense, music, contemporary moves, drag down fighting, and a whole lot of dance, the audience was breathless before the conclusion of the first piece (for those counting, there are a total of 13 pieces in the full-length production).  Though lucky enough to experience an up-close and personal preview, I can’t wait for the 19th (look forward to seeing you there as well) and receive a complete dose of adrenalin without leaving my seat.

Today’s behind the scenes event is defined by a single word: SMOOTH.

Piece #1 was set to a Tango theme.  With music in the background and sylphs floating effortlessly, a sensation of experiencing silk for the first time engulfed my whole being.  My goal with this preview was to express in words what was being seen on the floor; unfortunately all concentration was focused onto stage where radiance gravitated all attention.  Too quickly the drama concluded; fortunately I was able to regain my bearings for the next few pieces.

Piece #2 asked the question “War, what is it good for?”  Heed my words, absolutely nothing (don’t make me say it again).  This solo perfection brought contemporary moves and attitude to the floor with style, class, and edge.  No doubt, this is not a dance for the weak of heart.  With legs pumping, I was tempted to toss my pen and shake a leg until the obvious generational gap slapped me around like a teaser and a fire cat.

Piece #3 took the battle to the streets.  Two by two and caught by theme, chaos and music tussled to a beating of a different kind.  In seconds, the stage was transformed to another place, perhaps some story on the West Side… have you heard of it?

Piece #4 showcased two butterflies shadowed by pain, intensity, and passion.  Fused by three elements, an eternal braid tapped the very spirit of cosmic being.  Proving the talents of the players and the vision of a skilled director, the audience became one with all.  Through the art of a true master, there was no distinction between stage and chair… a genius molded his brand of reality for all to stroke.

Piece #5 portrayed a modern perspective uncovering reflection and can be summed up with the following stanza:

wild is the wind
tamed is the soul
never more clear
reflection resists
turning away…

Need I say more?

Piece #6 was a classic male versus female construct.  Hegel’s thesis, anti-thesis, and resolve to a higher existence occupied the back room while a front room pulsated throbbing music.  Front to back and back to front, pace intensified, losing balance, regaining grip, misplaced by a struggle where winners are never crowned, only attacked.  Recognizing equality, opposites shook hands with intent to pounce, unharnessed and unwilling to waver.

Piece #7 witnessed more than an ensemble of finger snapping and head to tail chasing thugs plotting to overtake the hood, strategy came into the scene… this was a battle… a battle between the sexes!

The Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre brings the battle to you beginning March 19th.  I’ll see you there.

With pen in hand,



  1. Mr. Huffman, my heart is nearly beating out of my chest in response to your fiery, ingenious prose! It is both wine and waterfall to my spirit. I also witnessed the performance, however I could never come close to crystallizing the experience with the same poetic fervor as you have graced this page. “The very spirit of cosmic being” wants to know if you have published a novel. If so, I would love to read it.

  2. Viola,
    Thank you for the comment, many more creative posts are on the way. I rarely get an opportunity to write in prose (my true passion) — at times I feel as if my writing becomes a tad too off-beat.
    Your final comment about a published novel, I have several but none have been published. I have one ready for more rejections dealing with poetry, philosophy, spirituality, death, life, love, Dante, and a slew of other elements threaded into one. Needless to say, I may let it loose later this year… but another round of 50 rejections is not my favorite past time.
    Hope you go to the ballet, it will be amazing.


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