School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day for OCPS

Teresa Jacobs as a school crossing guard.

School districts throughout Florida recognize School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day  on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. Orange County Public Schools relies on school crossing guards from its local and county partners to staff over 600 school crossing guard posts throughout the district.

A proclamation signed by Orange County School Board Chair Teresa Jacobs and OCPS Superintendent Barbara Jenkins states “each and every school day, hundreds of dedicated school crossing guards working throughout Orange County provide an invaluable service in helping ensure the safe passage of our students as they commute between home and school.”

School crossing guards perform a critical student safety function by monitoring traffic at key intersections and escorting students and their families safely across those roadways on school days. While performing this essential function, school crossing guards face many challenges that include environmental conditions, inclement weather and other factors. Despite these challenges, school crossing guards are vigilant at keeping the district’s students safe from harm.

This is the full School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day proclamation.


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