Linda Stewart: I have a Successful Record of Creating Jobs

Former Orange County Commissioner Linda Stewart

On Thursday, Commissioner Linda Stewart issued the following press release regarding her recent announcement to contest Florida State Senate District #19.

“Floridians have a choice: continue to take the path outlined in the last two years or elect a progressive, visionary who cares about the future opportunities and needs of our citizens. “We need a way forward for a brighter Florida”. I am a woman who has a record for getting things done am I am ready to fix Florida.

In my service to Orange County I have been a staunch supporter of the environment and a Green Economy. I have a deep devotion to and take extreme pride in, supporting anti-discrimination policies with actions at the Board of County Commissioner’s table. I have worked to support programs against bullying that is prevalent in schools today as well as supporting teachers. Educators are who shape the leaders of tomorrow; my daughter is a teacher and from her I know the struggles presented to our workers, educators and citizens at all levels.

I believe in equality so that Floridians and all people can have the same opportunities to achieve their true potential. I have worked to make sure that those who should receive help get the help they need. I supported a larger public transportation system helping those who can work get the opportunity to get to their job.

We need to get Florida working again! If you have a job, you may be underemployed, if you don’t have a job you need a job. It is easy to say you are for jobs but whom among those running for district #19 State Senate has a successful record of attracting and creating jobs?  One answer: Linda Stewart.

If you want progressive, hard working, and responsible representation that does not take the word “no” very easily then your choice should be Stewart for Senate.

I want your support, I need your vote and I will be the best State Senator I can. It has been my honor to serve Orange County. Now I want to represent you at the State level, fighting for #19.”

Campaign Contact Info:

Linda Stewart for Senate
4206 Inwood Landing Drive
Orlando, Florida 32812
Phone: 407 913-2012
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