Florida Governor’s Anti-Protest Proposals Generate Protests

A broad coalition of local and state activist organizations held a major protest against legislation proposed by Governor Ron DeSantis to crack down on…protests. The “Rally Against Racism” was held November 21st at the Duval County Courthouse.

“This proposed legislation is, dangerous, dictatorial and blatantly unconstitutional,” said Ben Frazier of the Northside Coalition of Jacksonville. “It’s a clear signal from the Governor to let armed vigilantes know it’s open season on peaceful protestors.”

Mike Todd of New Florida Majority said,” He wants to criminalize and penalize peaceful protestors. which is an infringement of our first amendment liberties to assemble and to protest.”

Michael Sampson of Jacksonville Community Action Committee said “We will not allow Governor Ron DeSantis to act as a dictator and stop us from exercising our constitutional rights!”

“Our first amendment rights are near and dear to us many critics say this proposed legislation would be a violation of our first amendments rights to assemble and to speakout,” Frazier added. “My name is Ben Frazier and I represent a civil rights organization that would be harmed by this legislation.”

Be sure, more protests to come…


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