Disney World Most Mentioned Destination for 2020 Travel on Twitter

It turns out, most people around the country want to travel to Orlando – more specifically, Disney World – according to data analyzed from Twitter.

Travel site DaringPlanet do travel related trends monthly using trends software with direct access to geotagged twitter data and they put together this map analyzing where people want to travel this year. The map is based on geotagged twitter data in the last month, tracking discussion and hashtags about traveling in 2020 (over 500,000 tweets were tracked). The destination with the top mention in each state was then logged.

Disney World was mentioned most, winning 12 states, compared to the next most mentioned destination, Hawaii, which won 6. There was also a regional component to this, as the Midwest and South were the prime Disney World areas. Floridians want to go to New York (maybe they are missing home). Another interesting regional note is that the upper northeastern states all seem to have destinations that are a bit more exotic than the rest of the country, with places like Greece, Ireland, France, and The Bahamas.

Where do you want to travel in 2020?


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