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Young Guns Defendant Convicted of Shooting that Paralyzed Teen

After a two-day trial last week, a Volusia County jury found Young Guns defendant Trequan Braswell guilty as charged of a shooting that paralyzed a Central Florida teen.

The Young Guns defendant was guilty of two counts of Aggravated Battery (Firearm), Aggravated Assault (Firearm) and Shooting into an Occupied Vehicle.

On April 1, 2022, the defendant’s younger brother was in a verbal argument with two other teen boys on Westbrook Drive in Daytona Beach. The parents of the two teen boys came outside and tried to keep them from getting into a physical altercation. However, Braswell’s younger brother called him for help.

The situation escalated when Braswell, who was 19 years old at the time, arrived at the scene. He immediately pulled a handgun out of his pocket and handed it to his girlfriend. The defendant then squared up to one of the teens, but the other teen punched Braswell in an attempt to defend him. The defendant then took his gun and shot at the two teen boys.

One of the Central Florida victims was shot multiple times, but recovered from his injuries at the hospital. The other was shot in the back and was paralyzed from the chest down. Two bullet holes were also found in the front bumper of the family’s vehicle, which their third son occupied.

“This Young Guns defendant could have helped his younger brother in a peaceful way, instead he chose to bring a deadly weapon into an already volatile situation,” State Attorney R.J. Larizza said about the defendant. “His decision changed one of the victim’s lives forever.”

The case was investigated by the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. Assistant State Attorneys Sarah Thomas and Haley Mark successfully prosecuted the case for the State. The Honorable Karen Foxman presided over the case and will pronounce sentence at a later date. Braswell faces up to life in prison for the crimes.

Another Young Guns defendant, Aziz Felder, who kidnapped, beat, burned, and shot a victim was also recently convicted.

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  1. Our country is in a bottomless pit of violence and ignorance…from top to bottom. It will never turn around for the better. No on can fix this – except each and every individual changing their ways – and that’s not going to happen. Too bad, things were somewhat OK once upon a time.


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