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Winter Park Welcomes Latest Serotonin Centers Franchise Location

Winter Park welcomed a new Serotonin Centers franchise and some say the Central Florida city will soon be a cornerstone for the anti-aging and human longevity sector. Serotonin Centers, an anti-aging/longevity franchise, officially opened the doors of its second Florida location this month. In addition to this latest venue, three additional Serotonin Centers are set to open in the Orlando area within the next year.

Serotonin Centers was founded by fitness industry leader/entrepreneur and Orlando resident Eric Casaburi to meet the growing demand for premium anti-aging services nationwide. Overall, a total of 69 Serotonin Centers are open or in development across the country, with the newest Winter Park location making the services that originated with the brands flagship Windermere center more accessible to the Orlando community.

At the helm of this new location is Anti-Aging Holdings, an Orlando-based investment group focused on anti-aging and healthcare. Casaburi, a leading stakeholder with Anti-Aging Holdings Orlando, will be adding his personal touch to this location to ensure it maintains the world-class status that Serotonin Centers has become known for.

“It’s with great excitement that we announce the opening of the Winter Park location,” Casaburi said. “Serotonin Centers was born in Windermere, Florida and now, we continue expanding and allowing more Floridians to lead longer and more fulfilling lives through the aid of our first-of-its-kind concept.”

Serotonin Centers has capitalized on the growth of the alternative health sector, which topped $67.2 Billion in 2022 and is expected to grow to $98.6 Billion by 2028. This rise in popularity and consumer attention is attributed to increased awareness on the benefits of anti-aging services and products, and heightened acceptance for non-invasive anti-aging procedures and treatments.

“In the last few years, people have been taking their health into their own hands and have been proactive in improving their own health through preventative measures,” Casaburi added. “This new franchise location will help guide those seeking a healthier lifestyle with personalized expertise from our team of practitioners. We can’t wait to help people feel their best by providing them a goal-oriented roadmap toward an improved healthspan.”

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