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Wilhelmina Pittman Foundation Awards High School Graduates Across State

The Wilhelmina Foundation Textbook Scholarships were recently awarded to twenty high school graduates across Florida to provide additional funding in support of their higher education expenses. Named in honor of his mother Wilhelmina Pittman, Attorney Sean Pittman founded the Wilhelmina Foundation in 2016 to provide college textbooks to students throughout the state of Florida.

“This year’s award recipients were all phenomenal,” Ms. Pittman said. “It has been an incredible experience working alongside my son Sean Pittman to bring this scholarship to life. These young people have worked so hard, this scholarship is a small gesture of support as they go on to excel in the classroom and in life.”

While a student at Florida State University, Attorney Pittman often struggled to purchase required textbooks, and created the scholarship to support undergraduates facing similar financial struggles. This year’s award recipients represent Palm Beach, Leon, Manatee, Broward, Miami-Dade, Orange, and Lake County, with the average GPA of 4.74. The full list of award recipients and their institution is below:

  • Steven Carter, Florida State University
  • Cassidy Branch, Florida State University
  • Karen Liu, University of Florida
  • Shakenna Durant, Florida State University
  • Conqualla Scott, Florida State University
  • Osvaldo Delgado, University of Miami
  • Bhumika Upmanyu, University of Florida
  • Mihir Rao, University of Florida
  • Jordan Kinsey, Florida State University
  • Ryan McPherson, University of Florida
  • Sydney Pappas, University of Florida
  • Dylan Niles, Florida State University
  • Demi Dionela, University of Florida
  • Madison McCants, University of Florida
  • Melissa Brennan, University of Northern Florida
  • Trinity Starnes, Florida International University
  • Faith Silverman, University of Central Florida
  • Ivey Young, University of Florida
  • Lena Hammond, University of Florida
  • Maddison Krieger, Lake Sumter State College

Wilhelmina Pittman was an educator for over 33 years, and currently serves as office manager of the Pittman Law Group Riviera Beach office. She is an active volunteer at local schools in Palm Beach County and is a proud graduate of Florida A & M University. Sean is a graduate of Florida State University for undergrad and law school. He is a past president of the Orange Bowl Committee and General Counsel- Designate for the National Bar Association.

Since 2016, the Wilhelmina Foundation has awarded 108 high achieving students scholarships to cover college textbook expenses. To continue its mission, each year the Wilhelmina Foundation raises funds through the Annual Mayor’s Brunch, an event hosted by Pittman Law Group.

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