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‘Unconstitutional Left-Wing Fantasies’ to Keep Trump Off Ballot Dismissed by Court

Another state court has dismissed questionable 14th Amendment claims arguing that former President Donald Trump should not be eligible for the ballot. In response to yet another legal win, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung released a statement calling the “ridiculous cases” nothing more than “un-Constitutional left-wing fantasies orchestrated by monied allies of the Biden campaign.”

With a very lackluster Democratic presidential campaign from President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, it does seem like Democrats’ hopes to win the 2024 election may be resting on either Trump being found guilty in one of the many cases moving through the judicial system, or by keeping him off the ballot somehow. That’s likely not going to cut it for the American people, and Trump continues to capitalize on the political situation while dominating the Republican primary.

“Earlier today, the state court in Michigan dismissed the remaining 14th Amendment challenges to President Trump’s ballot eligibility for 2024,” Steven Cheung said in a Trump campaign statement. “This decision follows yesterday’s dismissal of a claim in Wayne County, MI and prior dismissals in Minnesota and New Hampshire, as well as the recommended dismissal of a similar claim in South Carolina. Each and every one of these ridiculous cases have LOST because they are all un-Constitutional left-wing fantasies orchestrated by monied allies of the Biden campaign seeking to turn the election over to the courts and deny the American people the right to choose their next president. While the Trump Campaign welcomes these dismissals in Michigan and anticipates the future dismissals of the other 14th Amendment cases, we are most focused on once again winning the great state of Michigan and the re-election of President Trump next year.”

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