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Three Reappointed to Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced the reappointment of Jonathan “Scott” Christy, Kathy Panozzo, and Scott Reagan to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board.

The Commercial Motor Vehicle Review Board may review any penalty imposed upon any vehicle or person relating to weights imposed on the highways by the axles and wheels of motor vehicles, special fuel and motor fuel tax compliance, commercial motor vehicle registration, or violation of safety regulations.

Jonathan “Scott” Christy
Christy, of Marianna, is a Trucking Supervisor for Anderson Columbia. A Commercial Driver’s License holder, he is trained in pre-trip and post-trip inspection, defensive driving, and load requirements.

Kathy Panozzo
Panozzo, of Jacksonville, is the Director of Trailer Maintenance at Landstar. Previously, she held the positions of Manager and Coordinator of Automotive Operations at Landstar. Panozzo is a current member of the Technology and Maintenance Council.

Scott Reagan
Reagan, of St. Johns, is the Safety Director at Centurion Auto Transport. He was previously a Field Safety Advisor with FedEx Freight. Reagan earned his bachelor’s degree in political science from The Citadel.

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