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Senator Scott Introduces Bill to Ban U.S. Import of Communist China’s Sewage Garlic

Florida Senator Rick Scott introduced the Stopping Eating Waste And Guarantee Excellence for Garlic Assurance and Regulatory Legislation to Inhibit Chinese (SEWAGE GARLIC) Imports Act to ban the import of garlic from Communist China following reports that the garlic is grown in raw human sewage, then bleached and harvested in abhorrent conditions, often with slave labor.

Senator Scott also released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) urging families to look out for Communist China Sewage Garlic when grocery shopping (see below).

“Communist China produces the majority of the world’s garlic, and we can’t be sure that it’s safe,” the Republican Senator said. “We already know Communist China has a proven track record of producing unsafe goods and that we can’t trust its food to be safe for our families. This is especially true for garlic grown in Communist China.”

The legislation announcement follows Senator Scott’s recent letter to Secretary Gina Raimondo urging the Department of Commerce to investigate the food safety of garlic grown in Communist China and letters to America’s major grocers urging them to proactively take Chinese Sewage Garlic off their shelves to reduce risk to their customers and demonstrate that they will only sell products that are verifiably safe for consumption.

“Reports indicate Chinese garlic is grown using raw sewage – possibly including human feces – and that the garlic is then bleached to make it appear whiter and cleaner to the eye after its growth in unsanitary conditions,” Senator Scott said. “Not to mention, Communist China does all this using slave labor. It’s horrific and means that Chinese Sewage Garlic shouldn’t be acceptable for human consumption until we can be absolutely positive that it’s safe and up to our standards. That’s exactly why I’m introducing my SEWAGE GARLIC Imports Act to ban the import of garlic from Communist China to protect Americans from this gross practice.”

Watch Republican Florida Senator Rick Scott’s message about Chinese sewage garlic here:

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  1. Oh brother, thank God we have Scott to protect us from Chinese “garlic”. A campaign against shit garlic sounds about right for a shit senator.


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