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Senator Rick Scott: Biden’s Cuba Appeasement Will Fuel Terror

Florida Senator Rick Scott attacked President Joe Biden’s “Cuba appeasement” saying it “will fuel terror in the Western Hemisphere.” The statement was in response to President Biden’s decision to remove the illegitimate, communist Cuban regime from the U.S. list of nations that are not cooperative with counterterrorism efforts.

This move by the Democratic Biden administration is a first step in reversing Cuba’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, which was made under the Trump administration in January 2021.

Earlier this Congress, Republican Senator Rick Scott introduced the Fighting Oppression until the Reign of Castro Ends (FORCE) Act to prevent President Biden from normalizing relations with the illegitimate, communist Cuban regime unless freedom and democracy are restored on the island. Senator Scott is also fighting to pass his Denying Earnings to the Military Oligarchy in Cuba and Restricting Activities of the Cuban Intelligence Apparatus (DEMOCRACIA) Act to authorize the president to use all means necessary to ensure internet access on the island and hold the illegitimate communist Cuban regime accountable through severe sanctions and unprecedented financial pressure.

“Every time President Biden appeases the illegitimate, communist Cuban regime, he helps destabilize the Western Hemisphere, supports terrorism and does a huge favor for America’s enemies in Russia, Iran and Communist China,” Florida Senator Rick Scott said. “Remember: this is the same regime that has allowed U.S. embassy staff to be attacked in Havana and is hosting Communist China’s spy base just 90 miles from our shores. The sick irony of Biden appeasing the Castro/Díaz-Canel regime in exchange for empty promises from the cartel-controlled Mexican government to crack down on illegal immigration is that his weakness will have the opposite effect.”

“The very regimes that are fueling the massive invasion of our southern border that Biden has encouraged and enabled with his appeasement and failed open border policies will continue – allowing more terrorists, dangerous criminals and deadly drugs to pour into the United States, threaten our national security and kill American citizens,” Senator Scott continued. “Under President Trump, Mexico was forced to cooperate with U.S. border security efforts without concessions for the Cuban regime. Biden is too weak and committed to keeping our borders open to get the same result. I’ll be fighting like hell to reverse this decision. We must immediately pass my FORCE Act to block Biden from removing Cuba from the State Sponsor of Terrorism List and my DEMOCRACIA Act to put severe sanctions on the regime and send a clear message that the United States will lead the freedom-loving nations of the world in the defense of human rights in Cuba and Latin America.”

Since the July 11, 2021, demonstrations began, Senator Scott has continued to condemn the Castro/Díaz-Canel regime’s brutal oppression of the Cuban people and demand action from the Biden administration and international leaders to support the Cuban people.

The FORCE Act prevents the Cuban communist regime from being removed from the State Sponsor of Terrorism List until they meet the requirements of Section 205 of the LIBERTAD Act, which requires Cuba to comply with the following conditions:

  1. Release all political prisoners and allow for investigations of Cuban prisons by appropriate international human rights organizations.
  2. Transition away from the Castro regime to a system that guarantees the rights of the Cuban people to express themselves freely.
  3. Commit to holding free and fair elections.

These conditions are the same requirements that must be met to lift the embargo and accompanying sanctions towards the regime, and would require the regime to comply with existing U.S. law.

The Denying Earnings to the Military Oligarchy in Cuba and Restricting Activities of the Cuban Intelligence Apparatus Act (DEMOCRACIA Act):

  • Authorizes the President to impose sanctions—blocking assets and denying entry into the United States—on a foreign person if the President determines that the person knowingly engages in an activity with Cuba’s defense sector, security sector, intelligence sector, or any other sector involved in carrying out human rights abuses or providing support for international terrorism.
    • A foreign person or senior official that provides significant financial, material or technological support to, or engages in a significant transaction with Cuba’s defense, security or intelligence sector or any entity or individual affiliated with that sector (including their immediate adult family member)
    • Any entities that are owned, directly or indirectly, 25% or more by one or more designated persons are also subject to sanctions
    • Any foreign person that is a military contractor, mercenary or paramilitary force knowingly operating in a military, security, or intelligence capacity for or on behalf of the Cuban regime
  • Authorizes the President to impose sanctions with respect to human rights abuse and corruption in Cuba including:
    • Members of the Communist Party of Cuba, to include the Office of Religious Affairs and members of the Politburo and the Central Committee
    • Members of the Council of State and the Council of Ministers
    • Ministry of the Interior of Cuba, to include, the National Revolutionary Police Force
    • Members of the committee for the Defense of the Revolution
    • The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba
    • Office of the President of Cuba
    • Any official of the Cuban regime who works with the Ministry of Justice or the Office of the Attorney General and who violates due process rights of an individual in Cuba
    • The spouse and children of any of these blocked individuals are also subject to these sanctions
  • Authorizes the President to terminate these sanctions only if he certifies to Congress that the Government of Cuba:
    • Has released all political prisoners,
    • Legalized all political parties,
    • Establishes a free press, and
    • Free, fair, multiparty internationally observed elections are scheduled in a timely manner
  • Authorizes the President to immediately use all means possible to provide unrestricted, reliable internet service to the people of Cuba that is not censored or blocked by the Cuban regime
  • Requires the President to establish a task force to develop long-term solutions for providing reliable internet service to the people of Cuba that is not censored or blocked by the Cuban regime

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