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Sen. Scott to Smithsonian: Genetic Data-Sharing Agreements Risk National Security

Florida Senator Rick Scott sent a letter to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution requesting information regarding genetic data-sharing agreements between the Smithsonian and programs run by the Chinese Communist Party.

Senator Scott is requesting the Smithsonian look into their partnerships with companies like the Bejing Genomics Institute that is on the Department of Defense’s 1260H list which includes entities identified as Chinese military companies operating in the United States, and may pose a risk to national security.

Smithsonian“This partnership with BGI is extremely concerning because BGI is a national
security risk,” the Republican Senator wrote.

Senator Scott also requested responses to questions questions about the Smithsonian’s
relationship with BGI and other Chinese entities.

“Congress appropriates more than a billion dollars annually to the Smithsonian
Institution,” Senator Scott continued. “It is important that we get the best return on that investment, and that includes making sure we partner with the right organizations to safeguard the data collected; especially the data of American citizens and businesses.”

Read the full letter from Florida Senator Rick Scott regarding genetic data-sharing agreements at the Smithsonian here:


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