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School Crossing Guard Will Be Removed in Auburndale

The school crossing guard located at U.S. Hwy 92 and Bennett Street in Auburndale will be removed due to no unaccompanied school children utilizing the crossing, which eliminates the need for the guard, according to local officials. The crossing located at Hwy 92 and Main Street will remain staffed with crossing guards.

The school crossing guard will be removed effective the end of business on Friday, March 31, 2023.

The decision was made by the School Crossing Guard Committee following traffic surveys of the location. This committee is comprised of representatives from Polk County Public Schools, the Florida Department of Transportation, the Board of County Commissioners Traffic Engineering Division, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, and a number of the municipalities within Polk County.

As a matter of procedure, the School Crossing Guard Committee communicates with the principal of the affected school to inform him or her of the actions taken. In addition, the principal is reminded to notify members of the committee if the situation changes, at which time another survey will be conducted.

While this review process occurs throughout the year, deputies and officers patrol school zones daily as a reminder to motorists that caution is critical. Please remember that fines are doubled in school zones and that all local law enforcement members take the safety of children very seriously.

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  1. A child lost her life last year just yards from that area. And you want to pull a school street gaurd off in that vicinity. Yep, that is definitely Polk county Florida for you.


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