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Republican Congressional Candidate Proposes $2,000 Rent Tax Credit

Lt. Colonel (Retired) Al Santos, Republican candidate for Congress in Florida’s 7th District, proposed a new tax credit of $2,000 a year in order to allow low-income families to rent an affordable home.

Santos is also proposing a 10 percent tax cut for developers of new low-income housing projects across the nation.

“Our nation is currently facing a dark, uncertain, and dangerous challenge. One that could impact our communities for decades,” Santos said. “I am talking about the lack of affordable housing. Many low-income families still cannot afford a regular home and have opted, instead, to live in rundown extended-stay motels, or with relatives in cramped apartments with less than regular living conditions.”

“The rise in home prices and rent have become a major problem for families trying to get a head start. Areas such as Central Florida and Miami have seen rent prices skyrocket this past year. On average, rent prices for a residential property in Florida’s 7th Congressional District-which now includes Seminole and Volusia Counties, have gone up 22 percent since June of last year,” the Republican candidate added.

Santos applauded Governor Ron DeSantis’ Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program, which has created the conditions to build more housing complexes across the state.

“We need to encourage the development of plans designed to meet the economic reality of low-income citizens. Housing developers tend to build high end homes to make accelerated profit. We need to give an incentive, in the form of a tax cut, to spur new construction of these types of projects,” said Santos.

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