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Rep. John Mica: “I love Trump” & His Immigration Stand

Mica 1Last night, Rep. John Mica candidly joked about his love for Donald Trump during National Republicans’ Annual Fundraising Dinner. Mica confirmed he is open to supporting Trump if he becomes the Republican Party nominee.

Kris Hammond, an elected delegate to the 2016 GOP convention who also is a member of #NeverTrump, tweeted news of Mica’s love for Trump. “Rep. John Mica says ‘I love Trump,’ then says joking but open to supporting,” Hammond tweeted. “Likes his immigration stand & business cred.”

Democrats are jumping all over Mica’s praise for Trump and Trump’s immigration positions, with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asking “which one of his cruel positions does Mica like the most?”

“Congressman John Mica had an anti-immigrant record long before Donald Trump was thinking of running for president,” said Javier Gamboa of DCCC. “By saying that he likes Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant policies, Mica is once again turning his back to the Latino community he’s supposed to represent. Central Florida is strong because of the contributions of so many hardworking immigrant families, and Congressman Mica continues to expose just how out of touch he is with families in Central Florida.”

Following Florida’s congressional redistricting, Mica’s seat is no longer a safe haven for Republicans. As a result, his statement on Trump expresses what Democrats call “a callous disregard for the enhanced diversity and competitive status of his Central Florida seat.”

“Does he likes the idea of separating and deporting millions of hardworking immigrant families?” the DCCC asked. “Does he think building an expensive and unrealistic wall on our Southern Border is a good idea? Or does he believe that Latinos are drug dealers, criminals and rapists?”

There is no doubt immigration will become a hot-button issue in Mica’s re-election this year. The DCCC also provided examples showing how Mica is out of touch with his new district on the issue of immigration:

  • Mica Said “People Who Come Here Illegally Should Not Have Any Rights, Any Benefits. “When you allow people to come in illegally, and then provide a pathway to citizenship to those that violate the law, it’s not right. … People who come here illegally should not have any rights, any benefits, and should not be entitled to get in front of the line.” [YouTube, 6/07/15]
  • Mica Called For Standing With Arizona Over SB 1070 While Posting A Picture Of The Border Fence. A Mica for Congress Facebook post includes a graphic of the border fence with the words: “Stand with Arizona. Stand with John Mica. The federal government must secure the border.” [Mica For Congress Facebook, 6/25/12]
  • Mica Voted To End Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals. On January 24, 2015, Mica voted for an amendment to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill that would end a program to suspend the deportation of DREAMers. “A second amendment would halt the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA), which lifts deportation for some illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children.” The amendment was adopted 218 to 209. [HR 240, Vote #30, 1/14/15; The Hill 1/14/15]

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